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Ten Fabulous “Treat Yourself” Mother’s Day Ideas

So, nothing will ever replace the handwritten card or that ‘delicious’ breakfast in bed that your little one surprises you with on Mother’s Day.  Cherish those memories forever!  But, being a mom is the hardest and most rewarding job out there.  You know you do a fabulous job so maybe a little Mother’s Day treat for yourself is in order!  Now that Earth Day and Easter are over we can focus on our special day!

Here are 10 great ideas to treat yourself to this year! (on sale of course)

(10) Pick up some fresh flowers for your home from your local grocery store or florist.  Better yet, order yourself some now and when you forget about them you will be happily surprised when they arrive at your door on Mother’s Day.  Or make sure that your husband knows that 1800Flowers has 15% off Mother’s Day arrangements with code MDAY15 through May 4th.

(9)  A nice bottle of wine  (or tea if you don’t do wine).  Check out Mommy’s Time Out wine for only $7.29 at  WineChateau.com or join the new deal site for wine Lot18 and get a $5 credit! 

(8) A good book.  While a big classic is tempting and noble sometimes a little Chick Lit is just what the doctor ordered.  I like to indulge in Mom Lit and a great beach-type read that I just finished is “Not Ready For Mom Jeans” by Maureen Lipinksi.  At BarnesandNoble.com get 15% off any one item with code N8C8B7A through 5/3/2011.

(7) A nice pair of flipflops because as much as I hate to admit it they beat out a pair of heels anyday.  I love Havaianas – especially their slim flipflops.
(6) A fabulous CD from the past.  First, take time to browse the music section at your local retailer.  Its funny, but you will find numerous CDs that bring back memories and make you smile.  Snag yourself a new or old disc and when you are stressed in the car or at home, throw it into the CD player for a quick dance session pick me up.  My pick was an old Bon Jovi classic and Garth Brooks Greatest Hits.

(5) A new pair of PJs.  Go with whatever floats your boat – something flirty or just an old fashioned cozy sleepshirt.  If you decided on a nice cozy pair – spend the entire day in them and have a movie marathon with the kids (granted that you don’t have to leave the house that day).  Right now Target has PJ pants marked down to $8 each

(4) A Massage!   Book an appointment at your favorite spa and take an hour out for yourself.  Visit Spafinder.com for deals on Spas based on your location.  If you don’t have the time or money for this – get a chair massage.  I personally would take a $12 10minute chair massage from the mall anyday over the big spa treatment – that way you can go more often!

(3) A gym membership.  Finding a gym with free childcare is a gift from God himself.  My local gym has up to 2 hours of free childcare per day.  Yes, of course you can workout when you go.  But then, bring stuff to take a nice long shower if you can’t squeeze one in at home.  Even better, bring a book or your computer and sit in the lobby or smoothie shop and catch some peace and quiet.  Also, ask if they have discounts for anything (often employers negotiate special rates so there is a chance that you or your significant others jobs could get you a reduced rate).  While your at it, treat yourself to some new running shoes to kickstart your workouts.  Asics are up to 60% off at 6pm right now.

(2) Petunia Pickle Bottom Weekender Bag.  Ok, so this is never on sale and if it ever is I will let you know because I am in love with this bag.  Perfect for a large diaper bag and for long day trips! 

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