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Back to School Blog Hop (over $300 in prizes) {CLOSED}

The hop is brought to you by Tammilee Tips, Money Saving Michele, Centsless Deals and Klippin Krazy!

I can not believe that it is time for Back to School already!  Thankfully my kids are not school age yet so it doesn’t change much for me.  But, I still feel a little sad as the days get shorter and the nights get cooler.  But on the good side it means that it’s another excuse to party!  So, welcome to the Back to School Blog Hop!  I nailed down some great sponsors who went above and beyond with these great donations!  So, enter the giveaway here at NewDayNewDeals.com and then check out the big linky below and check out the giveaways at over 100 other participating blogs!  We will have nine winners here with almost $350 in prizes up for grabs.  10 ways to enter!

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109 Responses to Back to School Blog Hop (over $300 in prizes) {CLOSED}

  1. I was sent to detention for wearing the wrong color shoes.

  2. detention? Oh, i was sent there at least a few hundred times! I LIVED in In School Suspension

  3. I was never sent to detention.

  4. No detention for me

  5. I was in detention a few times!

  6. Nope, i was never sent to detention. I was a good girl LOL

  7. Yep! I was always getting it for being late.

  8. I was sent to detention one time for passing notes during class, and I got into so much trouble from my parents, so that was my one and only time…=)

  9. I got detention in high jr high for talking to omuch but it wwasnt even me talking. I’m astill bitter abt that! lol

  10. There wasn’t any detention at my school. :)

  11. Yes…in grade six…I can’t remember why anymore but I do remember being traumatized and so sad that I made the principal sad too.

  12. yes i done detention once for smacking a boy!!

  13. Never sent to detention.

  14. I was never sent to detention. I would have gotten in more trouble at home if I would have.

    Kimmie Barnes
    jakeremom–twitter and GFC

  15. Nope!

  16. I was sent to detention a lot in Jr high not so much in high school.

  17. Once in 2nd grade for telling on someone.. I still don’t understand why.. LOL

  18. I was NEVER sent to detention!

  19. Yes I was sent to detention, more than once…lol

  20. Yes, one time, I learned my lesson fast!!!

  21. I was never sent to detention

  22. I doubt it but it’s been so long.

  23. No I was a good kid

  24. Amy Brown Whitley

    I am unfortunately not an “on time” person. So, I spent a lot of time in school in detention for being late to classes.

    amybrown16 (at) insightbb (dot) com

  25. Linda Meyers-Gabbard

    Yes. For smoking in the girls room.

  26. In 7th grade, our whole class (lived in a small town) was sent to in-school detention. I believe it was because none of us would stay seated while waiting for our teacher or something.

  27. I have never been to detention.

  28. I was never sent to detention. I was the good kid with the great grades. Keep in mind, I made up for it in college!

  29. I was never sent to detention! I was a good girl LOL

  30. I was pretty good in school but I was sent to detention a couple of times.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    eswright18 at gmail dot com

  31. Sad to admit it, but, yes I was sent to detention….usually because my homework was not done.

  32. I was a pretty good kid, but i do remember sitting in english class after school one day and wondering how i was going to get home becasue i missed my bus…for detention.


  33. I was never sent to detention. However, when I was in High School I was regularly late (I’ve always had trouble getting up in the mornings since elementary school. I’m a night owl), so much that I was put on a tardy contract. So I would be assigned Saturday School, which was sort of like a detention, only on Saturdays. And it lasted much longer. But I would refuse to go, because I didn’t want to get up early on Saturday mornings. So for missing I would be assigned In-School. When you get In-School, instead of going to your normal classes you went to a classroom with other kids serving, and you just sat in there all day long with whoever was assigned to watch you for the day. Any work you missed in your classes that day could not be made up later.

    But most kids preferred it, cause it gave you a break lol. And if you got someone cool who was supervising the students they would let you watch tv, play games, and chat amongst each other in there. As long as everyone behaved. I even once had an aide who let us send out for pizza for lunch. If you were assigned somebody more strict, then you sat in silence with your head on your desk all school day long; because you weren’t allowed to make up school work in there. And if you skipped In-School, you were suspended. Likewise if you were tardy so many days while on a tardy contract. So I did get suspended for being late. I don’t see how they figured that was a punishment though…If you were late to school, you were rewarded by getting the day off, in my mind. And most of the other kids who were on a tardy contract viewed it that way as well.

  34. Yes!

  35. you bet :)!

  36. Of course I was sent to detention. :-)

  37. never sent to detention!

  38. I got one detention in High School for being about 2 minutes late to homeroom. I never had a chance to serve the detention though because I was in too many after school clubs and activities and literally didn’t have time to go to detention. lol

  39. I was never sent to detention.

  40. I was never ever sent to detention, at least none that my parents ever found out about.

  41. never o’k maybe once :)

  42. I think I received detention once… but I don’t remember being there…so maybe I skipped it :O

  43. I was never sent to detention! Good thing too!

  44. I was never sent to detention, thanks goodness lol
    ericka082 AT gmail DOT com

  45. Only once! Lunch detention – I was always late!
    e-mail: lucky02130 (at) gmail (dot) com

  46. yes, I was sent to detention for being a part of a group that started a huge food fight at lunch. =X

  47. I’ve been sent to detention more times then I can even remember lol Let’s just say I wasn’t the best Pre-Teen/Teen that ever graced my school lol

  48. yes 3 times in elementary school lol

  49. No, I have never been to detention.

  50. Yes, lol. By my mother for slapping a boy upside the head who was pulling my hair and trying to grab my breast.
    taylorcmarves at aol dot com

  51. Detention a few times, for chewing gum in class. LAME!

  52. A time or two, mostly for being late to class

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  54. I don’t think so. LoL

  55. Only once to detention…and I dont remember what it was for, but I do remember it was the most useless waste of time. All we had to do was sit in study hall and read or do homework…I was an A student, and my homework was already done, so I just read a book. LOL.

  56. Nope, never in detention! :)

  57. sbuttercup@roadrunner.com

    I don’t think I was ever sent to detention! Its been 21 years since I graduated though & my mind isn’t the best! LOL

  58. No detention for this one!

  59. Oh, plenty of times :)

  60. Does in-school suspension count if so yes

  61. Great contest

  62. Yes I was – In Middle School & High School! Don’t tell the kids!

    larajarrette at gmail dot com

  63. I was sent to detention once for not having completed homework I think…

  64. Never once! (Though I did get in-school suspension once during elementary school?)

  65. I think I was sent to detention once. Probably for chatting or something!

  66. I was sent to detention when I was 8 years old. my mother had dropped me, little person who depends on an adult, off late to school one to many times.

  67. oh yeah i was sent to detention plenty of times! now that i reflect it was for stupid stuff! lol

  68. Nope! I was never sent to detention!

  69. I was sent to detention quite a bit in middle school, but never in highschool!
    steph4575 at msn dot com

  70. Yes, I was sent to detention twice – once for being late to class and once for talking in class and the same guy caused both detentions…he was my bestie at the time. 😀

  71. Nope, never had detention

  72. No, I was kind of a teacher’s pet. :)

  73. Nope, never went to detention. However, my kids have. They’re too uptight in school now if you ask me… my teens have had to serve “lunch detention” for school excused absences. And they’re straight A students!!

  74. I was never sent to detention :)

  75. NO WAY!!!! I was a little miss goody when I was in school LOL


  76. Had detention for cutting class…it lasted a month!!!!

  77. I must have been a good girl because I was never sent to detention :)

  78. No I never got detention because I was too shy to do anything.

  79. Yes, I spent a lot of time in detention.

  80. Test

  81. I was never sent to detention. I was a bit of a goodie two shoes.

  82. Only once did I get detention and believe me it was the last time I ever did.

  83. all the time
    tcogbill at live dot com

  84. I was never sent to detention, i was a goody two shoes when i was a kid lol

  85. Nope, never sent to detention!!

  86. I don’t think I ever had detention, but I did get sent to the principal’s office once, for tossing a pen to a friend who needed it — the teacher who sent me to the office didn’t return to teaching the following year. 😛

  87. Glad to see that Tupperware is still around!

  88. Three of my friends and I served detention one time. I cannot remember what year of high school it was. There was no teacher in French class so we had a grand time throwing paper airplanes out the window. Unfortunately for us, they were landing outside of the cafeteria windows and the French class was the only classroom above that area. We all fessed up and served a lunch hour detention (and cleaned up the mess!) ~Pauline (dod@rogers.com)

  89. Oh yes. In the fifth grade I was going through alot and didn’t finish my homework alot. I got lunch detention for that often.

    (littleangel_mw at yahoo dot com)

  90. Yes – but it was because I was tardy to school. I was a well behaved angel in class. LOL

  91. Yes, I was very stupid and disrespectful at times. I saw detention, in-house and suspention in my school days

  92. No. I was a goody two shoes

  93. I think I was once and I was horrified! lol

    nancyrobster at gmail dot com

  94. Shannon Gallagher

    To be honest, I don’t think so!? I can’t even remember! LOL How sad is that?

  95. I was never sent to detention

  96. Tiffany @ Home Grown Families

    YES! ALL THE TIME in my Senior year for tardies. But, I had just switched to this HUGE school and someone told me that if you just don’t show, they don’t do anything. So, I didn’t show and I didn’t go to the Deans office when they announced my name over the speaker and nothing ever happened! I guess they had bigger fish to fry at a school that size. :/ Of course, I wouldn’t act the same now~ and I would kill my girls if I ever found out they did that…

  97. It’s been so long I can’t even remember.


  99. No detention for me!

  100. I was never sent to detention! I was a good girl:-)

  101. Jayne Bontekoe Lenderink

    yes, i was in detention quite a few times back in the day..just don’t tell my son that! lol

  102. Tammilee Tillison

    Never sent to detention

  103. Many times my Junior year. Sad now that I’m adult and think back on it.

  104. YES! Don’t tell my kids :)

  105. Once Senior year!

  106. nope never sent to detention – now my 2 boys – another story

  107. I don’t think I ever was!

  108. lol. yes I was sent to detention..shhh dont tell my kiddos lol

  109. Never been sent to detention! :)