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TFD: KidCuteTure Review + Discount

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Today I am happy to be featuring KidCuteTure.  This line has really made a name for themselves fast in the children’s fashion world!  The amount of press that they have gotten recently is amazing.   

A Little Background straight from KidCuteTure:

KidCuteTure is a mother-and-daughter business started by Natasha and Olga Pantelyat.  Natasha’s has over 25 years of experience  as a fashion and graphic designer in US and in Europe and Olga’s decade of “climbing the corporate ladder” as an investment banker and a consultant were just training camps for the amazing journey into the family business that followed. We also discovered something else – we love what we do and above all we love doing it together.

The Fall 2007 brought the most joyful occasion into our lives, the birth of our first child and beloved grandchild, little Olivia. As we began to spoil and beautify our little girl, we became aware of a gap in the market for casually sophisticated children’s clothing with distinctive designs. We wanted stylish clothes with an “it” factor. We wanted to dress our little girl in elegance and refinement, yet also with a sense of humor and contemporary flair. So we set out to make such styles ourselves and formed KidCuteTure.

KidCuteTure clothes stand out on the strength of their truly unique designs. We imagine and then custom-create classic colors that embody timeless, European sensibility. We have fun creating beautiful and deliciously surprising embellishments. All KidCuteTure designs are crafted from the finest cotton and silk fabrics. Children are beautiful and uniquely different. As parents, we work hard to recognize and support their developing sense of self. KidCuteTure is committed to building comfortable and functional apparel for curious and daring little girls everywhere.

I think that Olga and Natasha are on the right track here because look how fabulous this line is!

These pictures above are from the Fall/Winter 2011 collection.  These pieces are the perfect blend of stripes, solids and those beatiful feminine rosette details.  Wait until you see the Spring/Summer 2012 preview!  I have my eye on a couple of these pieces.  That grey dress below is stunning!  This is totally cute kid’s couture!

So, obviously this is a fabulous line for your little girl but it gets EVEN better!  This year KidCuteTure launched a highly anticipated baby line called Kashka.  The playful range of clothing and accessories for infants and toddlers (3 months to 5 years), translates KidCuteTure signature look of gorgeous fabrics, artsy silhouettes and surprising embellishments into a collection comprised of girly playsuits, coordinates, hats, blankets and one-of-a-kind dresses. For the first time, KidCuteTure also incorporates boy styles in variety of festive stripes and appliqués.  Serioulsy guys, the Kashka is basically breathtaking!  I honestly think that it is one of the most ‘knock your socks off’ baby lines out there! 

And if you like what you are seeing from Kashka this Fall/Winter then you will LOVE what is coming your way this Spring/Summer!  Click here for a sneak peek!

Looks good right?  You are probably wondering about quality.  I can assure you that this stuff is top notch!  Abby was sent one of their beautiful Heather Grey/ Raspberry Scarfs for this Fall.  This is not your ‘keep bundled up in 12 feet of snow’ type scarf.  This is a fashion statement.  If will keep your little lady warm through Fall and what I love is that it is not bulky at all.  The scarf is made from 100% cotton jersey and is SO soft.  The bright pink rosette just pops and is made from high quality Dupioni Silk.  Abby loves the little pockets at each end.  They fit her little hands (or 10-20 fruit snacks) perfectly ;).  I promise that you will see some cute pictures of Abby rocking this scarf of Abby Trends this Fall so keep on the look out at www.AbbyTrends.com.

Where to buy?

You can purchase KidCuteTure from a number of brick and morter and eretailers from around the world!  Click here to find the store nearest you.  You can also purchase via their overstock site at www.kidcutetureshop.com.  And of course you get a discount!

Special Offer

NDND readers save 10% on your order!  Use code KCT10 on your order at www.kidcutetureshop.com today!  And there is a TON to choose from! Exp 11/1/2011.

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