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What are AbbyTrends and JakeTrends?

Hey there!  Both kid’s blogs have been getting more and more traffic and actually have become on of my favorite things to update each week!  NewDayNewDeals.com has a lot of newer readers recently so I figure that I will make sure to explain what exactly these are there for!

AbbyTrends.com and JakeTrends.com are style blogs that I keep for each of my children.  Abby just turned 3 and Jake turned 1 over the weekend.  The tagline for these blogs is ‘Real Clothes in Real Life’ and I hope they help give you all some ideas.

I started these last year because most moms who shop online via NewDayNewDeals don’t have access to see these boutique brands ‘in real life’.  They can’t hold them up and mix and match them with other pieces or check sizing.  So, I wanted to show you all how we wear all of these brands that I talk about each day.  These are not staged pictures at all.  I take a picture of each kid per day with my iphone.  Lighting isn’t always great but you can get a pretty good idea as to how these brands look on real kids! (versus stock pictures).

Under each picture is a one line descriptions and often a link to the item or designer.  I also tag the designer in each photo.  This allows you to click on the designer that you are interested in via the right side bar and see different pieces on the kids.

I really encourage you to ask about sizing or textures and invite comments on the pictures!  It makes it fun for me!  You can post/comment/ask questions on the NewDayNewDeals.com facebook page or just comment on specific pictures on each blog!

I normally update them every 3-7 days with recent pictures!

One added benefit that I never thought of at first is that I am documenting my kids day by day with photos and it is SO fun to watch them grow!  And friends and family LOVE being about to catch up with the kiddos on there!

So, I hope that you enjoy these two little side blogs of mine!

Click here to check out www.AbbyTrends.com!

Click here to check out www.JakeTrends.com!

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