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Buying Abby & Jake’s clothes

So, I mentioned on Facebook that many of you guys ask to buy clothing that you see on AbbyTrends and JakeTrends.    I do sell everything and pretty much all of it on Ebay.  For those interested my ebay handle is sblevins14 and I have to admit that I am behind on listing things but normally get 20-50 things up a month.

You all know that resale is a HUGE part of the boutique children’s clothing world.  I typically get back 60%  or more on items that I purchase.  If occasionally you see a super high priced item it is probably because I paid that much for it.  Specifically some hard to find Livie and Lucas, Matilda Jane, etc.  But for the most part I start them low and let the market set the price.

And if you are new to this please feel free to follow me so that you can get a good idea as to what things resale for!  It really is fun and it keeps your actual out of pocket expenses pretty low.  I buy on Ebay a lot too!  [Want to learn more about selling? You can read my Guide to Selling Your Boutique Clothes here too!]

I hope that you enjoy shopping and please always feel free to ask me questions.

Click here to see my Ebay listings.

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