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SwimZip – Review + Giveaway

Congrats Deidre!

I am really excited to tell you about SwimZip.  What is even more fun is that they contacted me Thursday and I received our suits in the mail the next day.  I looked at the return address and realized that their headquarters are just miles from our house here in the south suburbs of Kansas City!  I opened up the package and fell in love with Jake and Abby’s new swimsuits!

First of all, I want to share some of the background on this company!  Betsy is a mom like us who unfortunately was diagnosed with skin cancer in her late twenties.  She watched her brother struggle with forcing tight rash guards over her niece and nephew’s heads and lathering them with sunscreen over and over again while on vacation in Mexico.  She thought that there just HAD to be an easier way.  And there the seeds were planted.  Now we have SwimZip and I am actually pretty jealous that I didn’t think of this myself!

SwimZip makes two piece swim sets.  The tops are their revolutionary zippered rash guards.   These are made of SPF50 fabric and will protect your child’s sensitive skin from the sun.  Each set comes with coordinating bottoms – swim trunks for boys and regular brief style bottoms for girls.  Sizes currently run from 6-12 months on up to 4T and these run very true to size!  AND in a couple weeks they will have some new styles up to size 9! What is pretty awesome is that you can use the zip up rash guard with any suit.  Expecting a super hot day on the lake? Throw it over her 2 piece for extra protection.

I love these for three reasons!

(1) They are great for protecting our children’s sensitive skin while also super easy to get on and off.

(2) The styles are super cute.  Ruffles & polka dots? Yes, please!

(3) They retail for under $30!

And its not just me that loves these.  Check out their press page.  They have been featured in every major magazine, showcased on TV shows such as The Today Show and Jessica Alba’s daughter was recently seen wearing the same one that Abby has on their Cabo vacation.  Tori Spelling’s daughter Stella was even seem wearing the Ruffle Me Pretty set!

Jake got a chance to try out the Surfer Dude set.  This is a 2T on him and fits him perfectly.  He is basically a solid 2T in most other brands now.  Abby received the Sassy Surfer set in a 4T.  It fits her great as well.  She is 42″ 38lbs and a pretty solid 4T.  Both sets have SwimZip’s signature full-length zippered top.  These are made from a wide, sturdy zipper that is super easy to pull up and down.  All seams are finished flat and the top of the zipper panel even has a great flap to cover the zipper so that it doesn’t bother your child.

Check out the adorable details and how cute these are here!  And yes, those ruffles are fabulous!

I found that the tops were not skin tight like some other ones that we have had and these two piece set makes those diaper changes and potty breaks SO much easier!

They have several cute styles so make sure to check them all out!

If you have a minute you can read more about SwimZip and check out a great informational video by clicking here.

And you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest  too!


Visit www.SwimZip.com to shop!  And for a limited time they are offering free US shipping on all orders!  You NEED one of these sets for under $30 shipped!

SwimZip’s are also available at Amazon! Click here to see them!


Swim Zip is giving one lucky NDND reader a swim set of their choice!   Enter below!  Up to 4 entries.

This giveaway is open to US  & Canadian residents only.  Ends 3/8/2013.  Just click below and enter via the Rafflecopter widget. If you are running into problems it might be because you are mobile.  If you are still having trouble please shoot me an email at newdaynewdeals@gmail.com and I can help you out.  Note that comments maybe held for moderation but I approve them often! It’s just to prevent spam.
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  1. So excited to find a kids swimsuit that zips! Can’t wait to try it! Brilliant idea.

  2. So excited to find a kids swimsuit that zips! Can’t wait to try it!

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