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Get on board the #LoveTrain2014! (giveaway)


I am so excited about this!  NewDayNewDeals and PopStreetKidz are proud to invite you to board the Love Train with us.  Something big is brewing but we need everyone to come together, join hands and make it happen!

This February we hope to bring smiles to the children at St. Judes by showering them with Valentines, letters of encouragement and uplifting words.  We are asking you to help!

First.  Either make or purchase a kid friendly Valentine’s Day card.  Please, no glitter or beads.  Get your children involved!   Feel free to write your message on the card to “My friend at St. Jude”.  You can also send more than one in each envelope or package as these will be opened prior to being distributed to the children.  You can even make one online at sites like Treat.com or Cardstore.com and have it mailed directly to them all for just $3-$5.  You are welcome to send small unopened gifts (i.e. sticker book, doll, etc) but please no food.

Second. Package up your Valentine(s), seal that envelope or box and address it to:

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital ATTN: Vilma / #LoveTrain2014, 595 N. Parkway, Memphis, TN 38105.

Please try to have them mailed by 2/8/2014.

Third. Don’t forget to take a picture of your Valentine or your child(ren) with it.  Post  it to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Lil Stylers or directly on the NewDayNewDeals or Pop Street Kidz Facebook wall.   Make sure to use the hashtag #LoveTrain2014 and encourage your friends to take part!  It would be awesome if you could make that post set to Public.  We are excited to search the hashtag and see all of the pictures!

Easy Peasy.  But we need ALL of you to make it work.  Let’s make sure that no child is left out.  Help us spread the word and please hashtag #LoveTrain2014 on all social media outlets.   Let’s take a sad song and make it better.

Wishing you love,

Sarah Blevins and Shannon Goldberg    (along with Jake, Wynn and Abby too!)



If you sent in your card you are already winning in our book.  But, we have a little icing on the cake for you!  We have teamed up with some class act companies who are offering you some incentives to take part!  The amazing giveaway below is open to all who send in a card and by doing that you will unlock all of the additional entries.  So, get to work.  Together we can try to change the world!

We are so thankful that the following brands and boutiques have jumped on board with us and are offering up close to $1500 in prizes to 22 winners!  Give them a big round of applause.

  Joann Grace Designs  –  Metalicious Jewelry  –  The Boy’s Store

Taylor Joelle Designs  –  Jilly Bo Billy  –  Maa Shoes  –  Jagged Culture –  Lil Stylers

 Evolution Kids Emporium  –  Kids Fly Too  –  Stinky McGee  –  Livie and Luca  –  Haas

 Nicole’s For Children  –  Mini & Maximus  –  Duke of London  –  Oil & Water Rainwear

Sponsors FINAL


Enter below!  I know that it might take a few days to get your card ready to go but you have 8 days so take your time!  Upon completing that entry the additional entries unlock and you can zip right through them.  You can enter via NewDayNewDeals or PopStreetKidz.  Same entry form on both blogs.

This giveaway is open to US  and Canadian residents only. Ages 18+ only.  However, some sites and prizes may not ship out of the continental US in which case you would need to provide a US shipping address or forfeit prize. Ends 2/8/2014.  Just click below and enter via the Rafflecopter widget.  It’s easy to enter! Just click the “+1″, do that entry and then click the green button to get that entry counted.  If you are running into problems it might be because you are mobile.  If you are still having trouble please shoot mean email at newdaynewdeals@gmail.com and I can help you out.
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3 Responses to Get on board the #LoveTrain2014! (giveaway)

  1. What a great idea! My daughter loved making a card for patients at St. Jude.

  2. I LOVE this!!! Fabulous idea, ladies!!! Q’s Shoes will be hopping aboard, showcasing this wonderful idea & giveaway on our blog and blasting it across all our social media outlets!!! <3