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Welcome to NewDayNewDeals.com!  My name is Sarah and I am a stay at home mother to two wonderful kids – Abigail (age 3) and Jacob (age 1) and live in Overland Park, Kansas.   I have college degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science and have ventured into careers from restaurant management and somehow ended up here – blogging.  And I am having a blast!  I am happily married to Matt, an Occupational Therapist turned Attorney who now works in Healthcare Administration.  We love adventure and the outdoors.     I am not your average ‘deal blogger’.  I hate the words frugal, bargain, cheap, freebie…. you get it.   I just love the rush of scoring a great deal on high end items or services!

What is NewDayNewDeals?  Pretty much just how to get the best deals on Premium brands.  Plus, what I am loving at that moment and where I am buying from along with some of my shopping tips and tricks!  Complete with new releases and things that are on trend each season.

I started NewDayNewDeals to help other moms navigate their way through all of the daily deals out there on the Internet these days.  As I surfed the web – I saw more and more deals – so I also share those with readers via the website and facebook.   Many sites share EVERYTHING and its a little overwhelming.  But, I promise that I will only post about stuff that I would actually buy (and most often do).   I really love reviewing these deal site brands so that we know if its really a good deal!   As time has passed though I have ventured away from the deal sites a bit and expanded to focus on online boutiques and clothing for the most part.  You can check out what my kids wear each day on www.AbbyTrends.com and www.JakeTrends.com.  I tag those as ‘real clothes in real life’  and hope that it helps moms get a good feel for these boutique brands that I talk about as most of them don’t have access to them via regular storefronts.

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I always welcome and encourage feedback from you all! I would love to create a community – so please – comment on posts, share your own stories & feel free to make suggestions and lets have some fun snagging some super HOT deals on the good stuff!

You can always email me at newdaynewdeals@gmail.com!


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  1. I am in love with the women Joyfolie boots Quinn. Where is best place/deal to buy? Thanks Sarah!

  2. Hi Sarah! I’ve been shopping practically everyday since I met you two months ago! Wow, you have great taste and finds. Can you tell me what FB groups and Ebay you sell under? I am new to all this, but just lovin’ it! Thank you!

    • Hi Becky! Here is a post with my Ebay link: http://www.newdaynewdeals.com/2012/07/buying-abby-jakes-clothes/ I sell mostly there! I only do facebook everyonce in a while for really niche things like Matilda Jane dresses that I paid $150 for that I know someone on that board would want to pay $150 for… just so that I don’t scare everyone on Ebay :) I am going to start getting my fall listings up in the next few weeks on Ebay! And I am so glad that you love this! Its really fun! Its a game for me and my hobby and I love to share it all with everyone!

  3. It was great meeting you a few weeks back at Aldi’s!!! So funny that I actually go to your website, then when you mentioned it I knew what you were talking about! Hope you are having a fun thanksgiving!! Thanks for keeping us all updated!!

  4. Hi Sarah~
    Thank you so much for all of your sale notices! I’m a fairly new subscriber to you but have already ordered several items at great prices because of your notifications. Just today I ordered fabulous Matilda Jane. I also follow you on Ebay as my daughter is a bit younger than yours.
    Thanks again!

  5. Hey Sarah,
    I share your love for getting adorable, kid’s cloths at Walmart prices! I am trying to figure out the best way to sale my daughter’s cloths as we move to the next sizes in things. I have a lot of cute things and would like to know if you know of a good place for saling used kids cloths and items.


  6. Love your taste!!

  7. Linda Meyers-Gabbard

    I am trying to sign up for your email but the email wiget is connected to your twitter link. When I click on subscribe to email I am redirected to your twitter. Can you please email me the link to your email sign up

    Thank you.

    LLMG1960 at gmail dot com

    • Hi there Linda! Make sure not to click on the twitter bird that says follow me. Just type your email address into the box and click on subscribe. Let me know if that doesn’t work. There is also a way to sign up via my Facebook page. Just look on the tabs on the left side :) Hope that helps!

      • I’m having the same problem signing up for emails. Hovering over the subscribe button shows your twitter link.. I’m using chrome if it’s browser specific.

  8. hey sarah,
    thank you so much for posting our website.. would love to work with you somehow to help promote you and us both together!!!

    Please let me know!
    Again thank you! I always try to have the best prices around that is my theory that people charge way too much for clothing when I know what it should really cost :)

    Tami Brandeis

  9. Hi Sarah,

    Found you/NewDayNewDeals on Mommy Perks FB page. I operate an online children’s bookstore at http://www.slimybookworm.com

    I was wondering if you take featured deals outside of outside of the daily deals site for your subscribers?



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