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Goodbye NDND. Hello OurLittleLifeStyle.

Hey friends!! You any have wondered where the deals are.  Truth is that I can’t manage this blog anymore.  There are many reasons that I decided to leave it behind and also made the decision to start my new blog.

Please take a minute to read this post over at my new blog.

A Fresh Start via Our Little Life Style

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Thanks so much for understanding!  I really hope that you choose to follow me at  I will still be posting some shopping and sales but it will be much more balanced.

Love you guys!



Abby’s Frozen Birthday Party

I know that last year you guys loved reading about Abby’s Wizard of Oz party so I figure that I will share this year’s party too!

Abby turned 5 this weekend and like so many other little girls she wanted a Frozen Party.  I’m not really into character parties which is good because all of the Frozen stuff is sold out anyway and spending $40 on hard to find Olaf napkins is just insanity.  So, we made it happen without any of the cheesy character stuff.

This year Abby wanted to be super involved in the party process and it made for a great bonding experience!  We spent hours at Michael’s and Hobby Lobby picking out things in every shade of blue and silver.  The big mesh runners were so perfect and we used them all over the place.  We also bought more stick on jewels than you would think possible and some super clearance winter limbs/spray.  We didn’t have a master plan but instead just brought home bag of stuff and just let it all fall into place.


  • Cake.  A basic $20 Target cake.  I bought  rock candy and broke it up to make the castle.  We put her to Frozen Magi clip dolls on top. Easy Peasy.
  • Popcorn.  Drizzled blue candy melt.
  • ‘In Summer snack mix’.  Super easy with just mini marshmallows, chocolate circles, candy corn and pretzel sticks.  It was a great little snack for the kids.
  • Snowman – Marshmallows attached with candy melt with pretzel arms.
  • Marshmallow sticks.  Again, candy melt.  We just dipped and then covered in sprinkles and stuck a stick in them.
  • Sandwiches. Seriously.  Playing off the ‘you and me, we finish each others sandwiches’ line from the movie this was so easy.
  • Mac and Cheese / Pigs in a Blanket
  • Salad
  • Juiceboxes, soda, water
  • Adult beverages.  Beer, wine, Snow Queen Vodka,Blue Raspberry UV and Sprite in a big dispenser.


  • Wands.  Super cheap at Hobby Lobby.
  • Rock Candy in three colors.
  • Necklaces that we made together.  We bought beads on ebay and then used twine and ribbon to make them.
  • Lots of Balloons


  • We can’t have a party without friends! We use birthdays as a chance to gather all of our friends together both children and adults.  We love to have it last into the evening and let kids play while parents chat.  Everyone has a great time and head home at bedtime with some tired kids!


Here is a peek at Abby’s party!

Abby's 5th Birthday Party #Frozen #Disney via @NewDayNewDeals #AbbyTrends

Abby's 5th Birthday Party #Frozen via @NewDayNewDeals #AbbyTrends

Abby's 5th Birthday Party #Frozen via @NewDayNewDeals #AbbyTrends

Abby's 5th Birthday Party #Frozen #Disney via @NewDayNewDeals #AbbyTrends

Abby's 5th Birthday Party via @NewDayNewDeals

via @newdaynewdeals

Abby's 5th Birthday Party #Frozen @NewDayNewDeals #AbbyTrends
Abby's 5th Birthday Party #Frozen #Disney courtesy of @NewDayNewDeals #AbbyTrends


Abby's 5th Birthday Party #Frozen  @NewDayNewDeals


Abby's 5th Birthday Party #Frozen @NewDayNewDeals

Abby's 5th Birthday Party #Frozen via @NewDayNewDeals #AbbyTrends

Abby's 5th Birthday Party #Frozen #Disney hosted by @NewDayNewDeals #AbbyTrends
Abby's 5th Birthday Party via @NewDayNewDeals #Frozen #AbbyTrends
Abby's 5th Birthday Party via @NewDayNewDeals #Frozen #AbbyTrends

Abby's 5th Birthday Party via @NewDayNewDeals #Frozen #AbbyTrends
Abby's 5th Birthday Party via @NewDayNewDeals #Frozen #AbbyTrends

Abby's 5th Birthday Party via @NewDayNewDeals #Frozen #AbbyTrends
Abby's 5th Birthday Party via @NewDayNewDeals #Frozen #AbbyTrends

Abby's 5th Birthday Party via @NewDayNewDeals #Frozen #AbbyTrends

Abby's 5th Birthday Party via @NewDayNewDeals #Frozen #AbbyTrends

Abby's 5th Birthday Party via @NewDayNewDeals #Frozen #AbbyTrends

Abby's 5th Birthday Party via @NewDayNewDeals #Frozen #AbbyTrends

Abby's 5th Birthday Party via @NewDayNewDeals #Frozen #AbbyTrends


Abby's 5th Birthday Party via @NewDayNewDeals #Frozen #AbbyTrends



Frozen Style Head Jewels [#abbytrends] via @newdaynewdeals







The Mighty Acorns Foundation Auction

I am so excited to start bidding on the fabulous goodies over at The Mighty Acorns Foundation‘s online auction.  It just started this morning and most items end Wednesday night.  Items have been donated by so many of our favorite people.  Of course it is spearheaded by Matilda Jane but you will see items from Joann Grace Designs, Princy N Paris, Veruca Couture, The Good Ones, Livie and Luca, Bamboletta and more.

Why should you support The Mighty Acorns Foundation?  

This organization is near and dear to my heart and I hope yours too.  I sponsor a young girl on behalf of all of you guys.  You can meet Selvine here and then learn more about her here.   The Mighty Acorn Foundation works deep in the heart of Kitale and has been able to rescue almost 200 children from the slums nearby.  By building Seeds Academy and Home they (with the help of sponsors) have been changing lives.  The thing that really touches me is that I am seeing exactly where my donations are going and the constant updates always bring me to tears (of joy) when I think about how much those young children unconditionally love on strangers across the globe just for believing in them. Their needs are met and safety and schooling are normal parts of daily life.  You can follow The Mighty Acorns Foundation on Facebook too.

With growth comes opportunity for more improvements and needs.  Imagine the joy and laughter in that place but also imagine the new demands on things like their water supply and food preparation. The funds that are raised through our auction will go to address those issues byadding a large water filtration system to the new kitchen and dining hall that will also be built.

You are shopping anyway right?  Might as well shop for a cause.  And I also encourage you to talk about it with your children.  Abby talks about Selvine almost daily and I think this experience has really helped her understand some things on a global level.

How to bid?

The auction is held on The Mighty Acorns Hyena Cart store.  You first need to register with Hyena Cart and then can get to bidding!







NDND Unplugged

Hey team! I am taking the weekend off! You guys should too.  Just saying!  Refresh your soul and renew some senses.

See you Monday!


Get on board the #LoveTrain2014! (giveaway)


I am so excited about this!  NewDayNewDeals and PopStreetKidz are proud to invite you to board the Love Train with us.  Something big is brewing but we need everyone to come together, join hands and make it happen!

This February we hope to bring smiles to the children at St. Judes by showering them with Valentines, letters of encouragement and uplifting words.  We are asking you to help!

First.  Either make or purchase a kid friendly Valentine’s Day card.  Please, no glitter or beads.  Get your children involved!   Feel free to write your message on the card to “My friend at St. Jude”.  You can also send more than one in each envelope or package as these will be opened prior to being distributed to the children.  You can even make one online at sites like or and have it mailed directly to them all for just $3-$5.  You are welcome to send small unopened gifts (i.e. sticker book, doll, etc) but please no food.

Second. Package up your Valentine(s), seal that envelope or box and address it to:

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital ATTN: Vilma / #LoveTrain2014, 595 N. Parkway, Memphis, TN 38105.

Please try to have them mailed by 2/8/2014.

Third. Don’t forget to take a picture of your Valentine or your child(ren) with it.  Post  it to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Lil Stylers or directly on the NewDayNewDeals or Pop Street Kidz Facebook wall.   Make sure to use the hashtag #LoveTrain2014 and encourage your friends to take part!  It would be awesome if you could make that post set to Public.  We are excited to search the hashtag and see all of the pictures!

Easy Peasy.  But we need ALL of you to make it work.  Let’s make sure that no child is left out.  Help us spread the word and please hashtag #LoveTrain2014 on all social media outlets.   Let’s take a sad song and make it better.

Wishing you love,

Sarah Blevins and Shannon Goldberg    (along with Jake, Wynn and Abby too!)



If you sent in your card you are already winning in our book.  But, we have a little icing on the cake for you!  We have teamed up with some class act companies who are offering you some incentives to take part!  The amazing giveaway below is open to all who send in a card and by doing that you will unlock all of the additional entries.  So, get to work.  Together we can try to change the world!

We are so thankful that the following brands and boutiques have jumped on board with us and are offering up close to $1500 in prizes to 22 winners!  Give them a big round of applause.

  Joann Grace Designs  –  Metalicious Jewelry  –  The Boy’s Store

Taylor Joelle Designs  –  Jilly Bo Billy  –  Maa Shoes  –  Jagged Culture –  Lil Stylers

 Evolution Kids Emporium  –  Kids Fly Too  –  Stinky McGee  –  Livie and Luca  –  Haas

 Nicole’s For Children  –  Mini & Maximus  –  Duke of London  –  Oil & Water Rainwear

Sponsors FINAL


Enter below!  I know that it might take a few days to get your card ready to go but you have 8 days so take your time!  Upon completing that entry the additional entries unlock and you can zip right through them.  You can enter via NewDayNewDeals or PopStreetKidz.  Same entry form on both blogs.

This giveaway is open to US  and Canadian residents only. Ages 18+ only.  However, some sites and prizes may not ship out of the continental US in which case you would need to provide a US shipping address or forfeit prize. Ends 2/8/2014.  Just click below and enter via the Rafflecopter widget.  It’s easy to enter! Just click the “+1″, do that entry and then click the green button to get that entry counted.  If you are running into problems it might be because you are mobile.  If you are still having trouble please shoot mean email at and I can help you out.
a Rafflecopter giveaway


SwimZip on Shark Tank tonight!

You guys know that I love me some Swim Zip!  I heard about this line of protective swimwear last Spring when Betsy (who it turns out lives super close to me) sent the kids each their own suit.  I did a full review (read that here) and loved them so much that I bought several more on my own.  I even have 2 for each kid already stashed away for this Summer too!  What I love about these suits is that they provide much needed UV protection while being super cute and so easy to get on and off.   This is all due to their awesome Zip up rashguards.  My kids wore these all summer last year both with SwimZip bottoms or over other suits. They recently added an adult line which is also great for your teen.

So, these probably cost $5o right?  Heck no! They keep them afforable at $29.99 retail per set which is a steal.

The reason for this post is to let you know that Betsy from Swimzip along with her brother will be featured on Shark Tank tonight.  So make sure to tune in because I can’t say enough good things about these and would love for you to learn more.  The show air at 8pm CST on ABC.


And though tonight (extended though 1/26) you can shop and save 20% and get free shipping with code SharkTank.  Some new Spring styles are pre-orders but will ship in late February.  And I love them.  ( I spy a couple on sale for $14.99 at Amazon too.


And, because NDND is all about stuff that we actually wear, here are some shots of my kids in their Swim Zip suits and some of my favorite styles.

photo 3 (52)





A hello from Selvine

Hey guys! I was so excited to see a blog post today from The Mighty Acorns Foundation featuring Selvine.  She is the sweet young girl that I sponsor on behalf of you guys. (more on that here)  I think of her often and know that some of you have asked me how she is doing so I wanted to share this with you.

Please take a minute to read more about her!  This just tugs at my heart strings.  Thank you guys for supporting my blog and allowing me to do things like this.

I hope that you guys can consider supporting this Foundation in some way.  It is amazing that they have hands on the ground there to keep us connected and see how we truly are changing lives.  It’s one where you are able to really see the changes that you personally are making in the life of a child.  You can help in so many ways.  From a small donation directly from the Mighty Acorns Website or buying a Mighty Acorn hoodie (they are super cute too) or even sponsoring a child on your own.  More will be needing sponsors in the future and will be posted here.

——>  Click here to read the post.

Here an an clip  from the beginning of it.

1-23-2014 11-30-10 AM

Happy Holidays!

So, I wish that I mail each and every one of you a Christmas Card this year!  But this will have to do!  I like to do a few different cards each year.  One for the people who don’t even know who we are – complete with a ton of text and lots of pictures.  One for the co-workers with an obligatory holiday picture.  And then a couple like this.  To those who already know what we look like and what we like to eat for lunch everyday, we keep it simple.   With just a sweet message of love.

Happy Holidays! From our family to yours.

*PS: I think that I am done posting holiday deals.  Time to relax and just enjoy the season.


Hello, I’m Sarah!

I did this little welcome note last year around the holidays and feel the need to do it again.  Mainly because it’s fun to get to know everyone and that’s what makes blogging fun for me!

So, we have a LOT of new friends who keep stumbling upon my blog!  And I am thrilled to see so many new faces around here.  And thanks so much for sharing it with your friends!  But, I have been getting some PMs and emails from you all addressed to “anyone who can help” and all Dear John style.  And we need to fix that! :)  So, I just want to reach out and make sure that we are all on a first name basis and you guys know what kind of blog that you are following!

So…. Hi, I’m Sarah!

I live in Kansas with my husband Matt and children Abby (4.5) and Jake (2.5).  I blog from my laptop in either my living room or my kitchen and often with kids screaming in the background just like you!

I started this blog in 2010 and I like to think that isn’t just your ordinary deal blog.  I like to be an all around place that encourages smart shopping, brand awareness and general style!  Kind of like a big group of friends hitting the mall together everyday!  I love helping you all shop and try my best to make my blog a combination of a general shopping blog and a personal blog.  I focus on high quality brands (mainly children’s boutique clothing) that I personally know, love and buy.  Brands that Abby and Jake wear and that I can stand behind and feel confident recommending to you guys.  So, here at NDND you won’t find a million giveaways, freebies and coupons or everyday mall brands and you will never see posts about frozen vegetables or free dental floss.  But you will find high quality brands, the best prices on them and of course how I like to style them!  Also, tips on resale, boutique shopping cycles, when to buy and if you really need something.  I encourage and welcome all questions, brand feedback, recommendations and more!  Since, I only talk about things that I buy myself sometimes there are new things that I would love to hear about!

I also created and in mid-2011 to help you guys see real clothes in real life.  To have sizing questions answered.  To see how I combine pieces.  And to see beyond the stock picture!

Keep in mind that this December is a little different!  You are seeing a LOT of toy deals and very frequent posts!  This is normally not my style and will die off in a couple of weeks as we approach Christmas.  Then look for amazing new Spring 2014 releases and hot sales on Fall 2013!  But I hope that these posts are helping you get a lot of shopping done!

So, if you are new to NDND thanks for joining us!  If you have been around awhile then thanks for your continued support!

We have quite the group on Facebook and I encourage all of you to ask questions, post about brands that you love, share deals and just hang out!

So, friends, old and new, please come back to this Facebook post and introduce yourself!  Maybe share how old your kids are, where you live, brands you love, how much you REALLY got in the mail today, your favorite song, what you ate for dinner or whatever else helps us get to know each other!


<Excuse my pictures from last year.  I am SO behind in getting new ones done!>

The HP Ink Challenge: My Results

So, a couple of months ago Hewlett-Packard reached about to me about participating in a 5 week HP Ink Challenge.  I know its a little out of my niche but honestly I was super intrigued! I use HP printers daily and am contanstly printing shipping labels, pictures, printouts for the kids.  So, I wanted to see it for myself and was thrilled to be asked to take part in this.  I am also excited to share what I found out too!.

Basically, they sent me two identical printers, various papers, a set of HP cartridges for printer #1, an almost empty set for printer #2 and a gift card to go get #2’s cartridge refilled.

So, last month my big delivery arrived and I set up my “station” and installed both printers and labeled them!  Then I printed out a few random things to use up the remainder of Printer #2’s ink.  So, once it was empty my task was simply to go refill those cartridges somewhere with refill/re-manufactured ink.  Easy right?  W R O N G.

Buying Ink

To say this refill ink has been a nightmare is an understatement.  It has been stressing me out for weeks now.

First, I hunt down places to get refill ink.  Find a Cartridge World close to me on Google Maps.  Go there.  Building is vacant.  Hunt down it’s new location across the state link in Missouri and drive there with kids.  The guy couldn’t refill so sold me a set of  black and color re-manufactured cartridges for the $49.  For real.  Crazy because other members of this study got theirs for around $10 each.

Went home.  And my printer said Tri-Color Cartridge Error.  My desktop blew up with error messages and I couldn’t go anything.  Go back to Cartridge World.  Get a replacement for the re-manufactured color ink.  Drive back home.  Guess what?  Same errors.  Both were Dead on Arrival.  I would rather spent 4 hours watching Caillou than go back to Cartridge World so I paid of out pocket for a 3rd re-manufactured cartridge.  A generic from Amazon. And waited for it to arrive.  Already a week behind at this point.


It came and installed and I was on my way and started on my first of five weekly tasks!

The Homework: Each week I printed this same set of “Every Week documents” and then performed that week’s task as well.

Week 1

The first part of week one was what I did above.  Which was the biggest pain in the butt ever for a busy mom.  The second part was to print two sets of my Every Week Documents.  These are 5 pages of color graphics and text.

My Results?

The HP original ink was more consistent and even.  I actually noticed that the Re-Manufactured ink was very wet and there was some pretty significant banding.  The black print wasn’t too difference between the two but when looking at a color image I noticed that the colors in the refill ink were slightly off for me.


The top one above is the HP ink.  The bottom page is the refill.  It seemed to almost put out to much and just get very wet and banded.  While the Original was more on tap and evenly distributed.

Week 2

The first part of week two was to again print my Every Week Documents.

Again, the black ink was a little more bold on the HP ink and actually the color was a tiny hair more vibrant on the refill color ink for me.  But more of an overdone feel. It came out very wet.

Below the lower/rights are the HP ink.  You can see the black a hair bolder on Page 1 on the left photo.  On the right photo the refill ink is more vibrant for me.


The 2nd part was to print your own colorful document 20 times on each printer.  I was to compare them side by side from start to finish and see how each ink was holding up.

My Results?

This is the 1st of 20 for each one.  Refill being on top, HP original on bottom.  Very similar on initial print.

This shows the 20th printing of each.  The refill is a hair more vibrant but by the 20th one had light banding as you can see below on the left.  The right one with HP original ink was not as vibrant but didn’t have any banding at all.  I think the refill ink was again on track with the re-manufactured over saturated.  The paper came out wet and almost curling form the ink on that one.  It even smeared on my hand when I grabbed one out.

Even with these slight differences, I think that overall I could still get away with using either the regular or the refill on everyday projects. That is after the initial hassle of getting the ink.


Week 3

So, this week I did the Every Week Documents 2nd and the weekly assignment first so let’s start with that!

The homework portion of the challenge this week was to print a LOT of brochures.  Below will show detailed images of both tests.  I am actually kind of surprised to see some light banding on my original printer but I think a quick printhead clean would have fixed that issue.    The color refill ink is totally off color at this point in my study.

Here are some images of this first challenge:

First off….  General shotos of my first batch.  Note on the right is the refill.  Print quality is pretty good but color is way off.  On the left is the original.  Color right on but pretty light banding on the big color blocks.

Original is on right.  Great colors.  Refill is on left and colors off.



After 2nd test.  The refill is on top and is having significant fade and random banding.  HP original ink still looks great except for this light banding on the large color sections which happened on all prints.  {note that after this week I cleaned print heads and realigned them and this banding went away}

At the end of the 2nd test of 40 docs.  The refill color got more and more faded as the test went on.  By the end they looked like this in comparsion.  Right is original.  Left is refill.

So, then I went on to  print my Every Week Documents.

This week I noticed some big differences which were inevitable after that brochure test.  My re-manufactured color ink is barely hanging on.

Just look at these images.



Tops refill  Bottoms original.


Crazy right?  This is an XL full re-manufactured color cartridge that I had purchased on Amazon.  I about died.  I thought my refill ink cartridge nightmares were over once I got the printer to actually accept one.  But now the new problem is that it’s already out of ink!  I am already nervous about week 4.

Week 4

Well, I was all geared up to start week 4.  I sent my Every Week documents to the printer.  The HP original printer spewed them all out looking fab especially after I cleaned print-heads and re aligned.  But nothing came out of the re-manufactured ink printer.  So, I go and look at the screen and about keeled over when I saw that dreaded Tri Color Cartridge Error.  This is the one that gave me so many headaches at the start.



So, I spent about a week troubleshooting this one and off.  Unplugging, restarting, taking out, putting back in, taking out and cleaning print heads and NOTHING would get this error message to go away.  And once this error is on the screen you can not do a single thing unless you take it out.  So, I could no longer print.

I talked with my contact for this challenge and since getting a new cartridge would require starting over we decided that my time with the challenge was over.


I was a little bummed having to end early because I hate “giving up” but honestly I have seen all that I need to see.   I have never used refill or re-manufactured ink before and had NO idea what a major pain in the butt that it is.  If I were to buy the original HP ink brand new at Amazon I would have paid $61 total.  I already blew $65 total on my re-manufactred cartridges that have all failed.  So, it saved me no money.  Was compelty un-reliable. Ran out so fast and generally added a bunch of un necessary stress to my life.

You guys know me…. I hate knock offs when it comes to clothes because the quality is usually cruddy, sizing inconsistent and they wear horribly.  It was no different here.

Knock off ink sucks.  Period.



WANTED: A Message of Hope

Hey team! I wanted to share this blog post from the Mighty Acorns Foundation {here:}. I am thrilled everyone is settling in and to see those kids so happy!  It looks like she really has found her home and I commend her and everyone involved in these efforts.

I am getting ready to send a small package to Africa in the next couple weeks and since we as a community have sponsored Selvine {read more here} I would love for you and your children to participate! I welcome each of you to send me a 1 page letter or drawing containing a short message of encouragement or support for me to include in the package.  If you want to take part please shoot me an email at and I can send you my address.   Please no items or money.  Just something to let her know that she matters and we are thinking of her.  And you are encouraged to include your name and children’s names on the drawing/letter if you want too.

Depending on the number sent in, I may save some to send in a Christmas Care Package as well. So, please, keep them coming at any time.




Meet Selvine!

I posted this on Facebook the other day but realize that many of you don’t do Facebook so I wanted to make sure that I posted it here too!

I want you guys to meet Selvine.  Her favorite color is red and she want’s to be a Doctor when she grows up.  And just look at that smile! It reminds me of Jake’s! I am sponsoring this sweet 9 year old through The Mighty Acorns Foundation on behalf of myself and you guys. Her monthly sponsorship will be paid fully by money that I make through this blog.  I look forward to keeping you all updated often on her life and feel blessed that we can make a difference for one little girl across borders.

I got a chance to hear all about the Mighty Acorns Foundation at a dinner while at Matilda Jane’s Art Fair this past summer.  It really touched me and I hope you too.   Kiara, a Matilda Jane employee, is moving to Kitale this weekend to be their eyes and ears on the ground there and help these girl’s get what they need with the money sent.  You can follow her blog here.

You can read her story here:

And thanks for always supporting this blog of mine and making it possible for me to do something like this!


Gymboree: Today We’ve Got to Play! #cherishchildhood

I love this new initiative started by Gymboree !!  We all need this reminder every so often because they are only little once.  It’s so easy to get caught up in the daily rush and our own needs that we sometimes forget how to just have good old fun.  The carefree kind.  It’s so easy to do if you just clear the clutter, take a deep breath and just look around.  The kids are begging to just simply play.  Technology can wait.  Laundry can wait.  But if we wait too long to play before we know it they won’t want to any more.  We will blink our eye and they will be heading out with friends, borrowing the car, going to work, getting married and then just when it all makes sense they are grown and its too late.  So many cherished memories missed out on.

So Gymboree asks us: “Do you ever find yourself looking at your child and wishing you could just stop time?”  They know that you are not alone!   They want you to join them in celebrating and sharing cherished moments in childhood.  Gymboree  has created an amazing new video to help kick off this campaign and I am excited to share it with you. This video is touching and I really encourage you to take a minute to watch it!

After you watch they encourage you to share your favorite cherished childhood moments in the comments on the YouTube video here.! Be sure to use the hashtag #cherishchildhood when commenting or if you share this video with friends!

So, get inspired to have some fun!   Take a minute to check out this video:  “Today we’ve got to play!” sponsored by Gymboree.  And then go out and have some fun this weekend!

Also, for some more inspiration check out this sweet story of fairy houses, a kind stranger and a child’s imagination on my Facebook page here.



photo 4 (57)

photo 5 (33) photo 4 (58) photo 3 (75) photo 2 (86) photo 1 (85) photo 5 (32)
photo 3 (74)photo 2 (85) photo 1 (84)

New Trust Your Intuition Book + Persnickety Perks!

I have followed Jenny over at Natural Medicine Mom for awhile now and mentioned her sites several times in the past.  She just had a new book launch yesterday that includes contributions for 25 other moms including Corinne Rickenbach, the principle designer of Persnickety Clothing.

I thought that you might be interested in the new book along with some of the perks that come with ordering it between now and midnight tonight ( 7/18 ).

You can buy and view the book on Amazon here:

Trust Your Intuition: 25 “Natural Medicine Confessions” From Influential Women Who Choose Healing Remedies for Their Families

Once you buy the book you can click here and fill out a quick form to get your freebies!  These include a 15% off coupon to the Persnickety Outlet Store and a TON of free material to download and teach you more about a healthy lifestyle and great remedies! Also there’s a good post about the best healthy tips, Click here to view the source of the post.

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State of the Shopping Address {Vol 8}: It’s Summertime!!!

So, it it time for another State of the Shopping address here at  I like to write these up whenever their is a shift in the seasons/shopping.   I hope that these help keep you guys up to date on how boutique shopping cycles run and what you should be doing at that time to maximize your shopping experience and get the most bang (and bang back) for your bucks!

Schools out for SUMMER!  Spring sale season is in full swing, the sun is shining and did someone say FALL?

So, here is whats going now now and what to expect over the next couple of months!


Pretty much all of the new Spring lines are now on sale.  Note that many of these have brand restrictions on discounting and and sale prices now are based on a set schedule.  Most brands allow for larger discounts after July 4th.  Right now most items are available at 20%-30% off retail prices.  Once we hit mid-July and later these brands will be dropped down to the 40%-50% off range and so on.  Buy things that you want for this summer now but I would hold off on “stocking up” for next summer until we get into the big big end of season sales.

Feel free to check out the Spring 2013-> My Favorites Pin Board for things to put on your “sale watch list”.

You can also see some of the new Spring stuff  on and in ‘real life’.

If you are looking for anything specific or have sizing questions please  feel free to ask me on the NewDayNewDeals Facebook page and I can help you find them!


Ready or not Fall pre-orders are already starting.  I am holding off a bit and will start running Fall features in a few weeks.  Look for those along with my Seasonal Favorites Pinboard soon! (click here to learn more about what it means to pre-order.)


What should you be doing now? Spring resale is pretty much dead but come August people will be thinking back-to-school and Fall items will start selling well.  So, right now, by all means sell outgrown stuff if you need to and your child can’t wear it but don’t try to sell Spring items to make good money at this point since most people can just buy it all on sale anyway.  You can read my Guide To Selling Your Boutique Clothes by clicking here.

Real Life

It’s SUMMER!  I am going to be posting a lot less and enjoying some sun!  Of course I will share the great deals but please everyone back away from the computer a bit! Go have some fun! Like your kids need more clothes anyway! :)

So, that is where we are right now!  If you have any questions at all please comment below, email me or ask on the NDND facebook page and I would be happy to help!

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