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Giveaway: $50 to Little Posh Princess

Congrats to Kristin H.!

It has been a couple weeks since our last giveaway so here is a good one for you!!!

Fist, I want to introduce you to Little Posh Princess.  This online boutique specializes in beautiful and unique boutique children’s clothing and accessories for girls and boys.   They are proud to offer hip and stylish selections for your Little Posh Princesses (and Princes too) from many of the finest designer brands such as Lemon Loves Lime , Dollcake, Oilily, Mustard Pie, Persnickety,  Jottum, Pom Pom, Elaine et Lena, Joah Love, Paper Wings , Kate Mack /Biscotti , Misha Lulu , Lelli Kelly , Luna Luna Copenhagen , Tralala , ilove gorgeous, Luna Luna Copenhagen, Isobella & Chloe, Glug, Imoga, Hannah Banana, Haven Girl and Mim Pi .

They are currently taking Pre Orders on some great Spring 2012 lines from the below lines!

Cakewalk Spring 2012
Cakewalk Spring 2012
Chickapee Headbands Spring 2012
Chickapee Headbands Spring 2012
Desigual Spring 2012
Desigual Spring 2012
Dollcake Spring 2012
Dollcake Spring 2012
Eliane et Lena Spring 2012
Eliane et Lena Spring 2012
Jottum Spring 2012
Jottum Spring 2012
Mim Pi Spring 2012
Mim Pi Spring 2012
Mustard Pie Spring 2012
Mustard Pie Spring 2012
No Added Sugar Spring 2012
No Added Sugar Spring 2012
Oilily Spring 2012
Oilily Spring 2012
Paper Wings Spring 2012
Paper Wings Spring 2012
Persnickety Spring 2012
Persnickety Spring 2012
Pom Pom Spring 2012
Pom Pom Spring 2012
Room Seven Spring 2012
Room Seven Spring 2012

Lots of deal on Fall/Winter 2011 pieces to be had from all of our favorite designers too!! They even have some great shoes including these Elephantito riding boots that  I have been drooling over all season!  

Elephantito Saddle Brown Riding Boot

Also, I found a lot of hidden gems left from Spring 2011 including a great selection of Mustard Pie pieces at 50% off!

Mustard Pie Lime Double Ruffle Pants

Mustard Pie Pink Bubble Skirt


So, take a minute to visit and do a little shopping!!  Make sure to sign up for their mailing list or Like them on Facebook to get first dibs on the sales!


Little Posh Princess is always giving away a $50 gift certificate to one lucky NDND reader.

This giveaway is open to US  residents only.  Just click below and enter via the Rafflecopter widget.  Each ‘DO IT!!’ is one entry.  Feel free to do just the one or all.   This is a newer way to hold giveaways and makes it much easier on me and you.  If you are running into problems please shoot me an email at and I can help you out.

New Year – New Deals! The Future of NDND

Hey there friends!  As always thanks SO much for you support and helping me grow this blog so much over the last year!  It has taken off into much more than I imagined.  As you read in my “Social Media Moms – Is There a Good Balance” from a couple weeks ago then you know that I am a bit overwhelmed by the whole thing! So, I need a new approach for 2012 and need to adapt NDND to fit what I am loving now.

I started NDND in an effort to help sort out the best of the best from the deal sites.  I gradually pointed out some baby gear deals and then started adding in Amazon sales.  Last Spring I got more into the online boutiques and discovered some amazing children’s clothing lines along the way!  In August and both launched to help you see some of these new brands in ‘real life’ and on real kids.  I love those two blogs!  I get to archive their lives day by day through a single picture.  This has grown into a LOT and honestly is too much for me and I am sure too much for you!  In 2012 I plan to scale back and really focus on Quality over Quantity.

I am going to be cutting out the things that I don’t enjoy doing because in the end my blog is just that… a blog.  It should be my place to share things that  I am passionate about and not feel like so much work.  I am going to be weeding out the things I feel pressure each day to get done.  So, I will no longer be doing the “Daily Deals Preview” posts.   I know that I handful of you like them but I personally am a little over the deal sites.  I often find the same deals at other online shops, the turnaround time is still too long and there are just TOO many brands on each site.  I waste a lot of my days digging though them and 80% of the time the sale opens and I am either disappointed at the selection or the price.  However, I will still keep tabs on them and if any good brand is on sale I will tell you.  I am talking the cream of the crop though.  Brands like Oilily, Misha Lulu, Livie and Luca, Matilda Jane, Joyfolie, Mini Shatsu, Knuckleheads and lines of that caliber.  I know this may let some of you down.  I have been so religious about posting this daily.  Even the day I had Jake and the days I spent moving to Kansas.  When I commit to something I like to deliver.  So, to cut this out frees up hours a day for me.

On that note, we know that deal blogs are a dime a dozen.  Sharing deals on Amazon, coupon stacking, deal sites, etc.  I don’t want to be just another deal blog.  So, I am going to concentrate on filling the niche that I have already created.  Shopping for THE BEST BRANDS and getting them for THE BEST PRICES.   And, not always just cheap steals on stuff.  I want to share these high end brands with you and help you shop smarter online.  This blog is basically going to follow my daily shopping habits.  Things I love and want to share.  I think that most of you like my taste so we should be just fine.  We need to really focus on knowing labels, buying what I consider quality, and in all honestly… less of it.  We don’t need to buy a bunch of left over crap at at Totsy blowout sale.  We don’t need it and probably don’t have room for it in our closets.  I will be sharing only deals that are great and what I consider good investments especially when it comes to the resale market!  Expect the focus to be on designers such as Matilda Jane, Persnickety, Mini Boden, Mini Shatsu, Monster Republic, Livie and Luca, Joyfolie, Aden + Anais and such.  The deals on the best stuff that you won’t find elsewear!

I will continue to work with online boutiques and labels.  There will be reviews, giveaways and all that jazz.  But only 2-3 per month.  Again.. these will be focused on the best sites and the best brands for your kids.

What else will you expect?  You may see a new tag line for NDND and a little restructuring of the site so really hone in on my new goals.  Some days I may not post at all but some days you may be several posts.  I’m just going to wing it!  No pressure to get certain posts up and I it is actually refreshing to no longer be a slave to the deal sites!  For the email subscribers, you will still get 1 email every day or two.  With all of the new deals since my last newsletter. 😉

And AbbyTrends and JakeTrends…. they are not going anywhere!  And I got a new camera!! So no more blurry cell phone pics!

So, in a nutshell, NDND will continue to bring you the best brands at the best prices but none of the other junk.  I will continue to help you fill your kids closets for less and heck  there will be a few more features/deals for us moms.  We need to take care of ourselves too!

I already feel pressure off my shoulder by posting this.  The only thing that I want to make sure is that we keep up the fun chatter via blog comments and Facebook.  I really have made some great friends through the endevour and love the girl’s chat on Facebook.  So, stay and lets enjoy 2012 together and really focus on quality over quantity.  Lets make each day count!

Happy New Year friends!


TFD: Little Z Kids – Review + Sale!

Over the past couple of months I have gotten to know Sandy from Little Z Kids and she is so nice to work with and a pleasure to buy from!  Little Z Kids is great because the pieces are seriously SO COOL and most are imported and you won’t find them on every other online boutique!

I am basically obsessed with all of the pants that Little Z Kids sells!  The tops are super cute too!

Japanese DJ PantsBritish Jack Pantsreally AWESOME pantsLittle z LegsLIMITED Rocket ShirtHigh School

So, now that I have your attention here is a little more about Little Z Kids!  The motto is Downtown threads for your Uptown Kid. Not simple, really cool and always awesome..  This is so on the money!!  So, I am sure that you want to know how this all came about! Well, Max & Eliot’s mommy created this company with the hope and dream that every child can be unique, fun and different. Mostly inspired by Japanese fashion, we look for limited items that can make your little one feel like their outfit was specially made for them. We will never have anything boring and most items are one of a kind. A true little z kid welcomes a mix-match of our fun patterns and comfy style, all without breaking their piggy bank.  I love that this site is mom owned and to take it even better Little Z Kids supports mom owned small businesses for everything from their photography to their clothing labels, logos, space and more!

Abby and Jake were sent a few pieces to review and oh man they are so cute!  First of all, Jake rocked the Little Z Legs.  These have the jeggings look but are so super soft and Jake got a ton on compliments in them.  He also got a super cute blue hat!  I would recommend these pants to anyone!  Perfect blend of stylish and comfortable for your little ones and again SO CUTE!


So, Abby got in on the action too!  She got a chance to review a couple pieces that will be hitting Zulily tomorrow (more below).  First, super cute black and white striped leggings.  These are thick enough to be worn as pants which are nice.  I really don’t like leggings that are super thin and show the underwear through them. Know what I mean?  And to go with it she got her “bunny sweatshirt”.  Now this may not be Abby’s typical style but oh my she LOVED it!  The bunny ears were too cute and there is a puff tail on the back.  I can’t imagine a little kid that didn’t get a kick out of this one!

I get sad sometimes that Jake is too small for a lot of the styles but Sandy came through big time on that one!  Little Z Baby is coming soon! YAY!!!  I think Little Z Kids may be to JakeTrends what Matilda Jane is to AbbyTrends!

Seriously, you have to take a look at Little Z Kids!  This stuff is fabulous and I know a few of our NDND mamas already have little ones rocking these clothes.  They too will vouch for the cuteness umm awesomeness here!  Check out Katya’s son Sebastian rocking these pants!  What a cutie!!!

Want to buy?

You can purchase directly at and they will be having a special sale tomorrow at Zulily!!!  Click here to shop Zulily and them make sure to click here for your coupon codes for an extra 10% and or $5 off!!  The sale will feature new items that you can’t get and I expect it to sell out fast.  So, set your alarms for 8am CST and be there or be square.

Here is a sneak peek!

TFD: Dapper Snappers Review + Giveaway

Congrats to Dee and Nikolette!

We are always talking about the newest and hippest clothing for our little ones but rarely talk accessories!  I am happy to be sharing Dapper Snappers with you today because it is seriously a great idea!!   I enlisted the help of NDND reader Nuria on this one because honestly… Abby doesn’t have any jeans!  Nuria had mentioned her interest in these toddler belts and was happy to help.  First though, a little background!  These are like belts but snap to tighten in the back.  This is a huge plus for our little ones especially when potty training!

Dapper Snappers are:

  • Affordable
  • Versatile in a wide range of colors for girls belts and boys belts
  • Recommended for ages 9 mo-6 yrs and One Size Fits All
  • Perfect for kids who are in between sizes or wearing hand-me-downs!
  • Convenient – no need to remove for diaper changes & doesn’t impede potty training
  • Made in the USA
  • Mom-invented
How Does it Work?

So, Nuria was sent a Dapper Snapper to review and here is what she had to say!

If your child’s pants are large in the waist due to purchasing to fit for length then this is the product for you.   I recommend this product over using a regular belt for daily use.

The Dapper Snapper is great!  A slim toddler does not have to sacrifice the length of his pants anymore because the waist doesn’t fit! It is easy to use and does exactly what it advertised. I love the fact that it will work as the child ages. Unlike a traditional belt, it will grow with the child. I will be buying all colors because it is offered in great patterns. The fun patterns and colors make it a fun accessory to add to your child’s wardrobe.  I like that is very easy to adjust and even Daddy can use it with no problem.

 It does not interfere with diaper changes and it is a good product for a toddler who is potty training. Unlike a standard kid’s belt, there is no fussing with getting a belt undone to use the potty. It’s easy to pull the pants up and down. It works like a belt to keep the pants in place. This product has worked great for us and I’ll definitely buy more and recommend to friends!

How to Buy?

You can purchase award winning Dapper Snappers directly from!  They are available in solid colors as well as some cute prints!  They also carry mitten clips and standard Dapper Snapper clips to use with pants that don’t have belt loops.  Great for skirts!  And you can even get them for yourself!  Yep, they have Dapper Snapper belts for mom.


Dapper Snappers is always giving away a $30 gift certificate to one lucky NDND reader.

This giveaway is open to US  residents only.  Just click below and enter via the Rafflecopter widget.  Each ‘I Did It’ is one entry.  Feel free to do just the mandatory ones or all.   This is a newer way to hold giveaways and makes it much easier on me and you.  If you are running into problems please shoot me an email at and I can help you out.

Then click here and enter my other great giveaways!


TFD: Tickled Pink Tots

Congrats to our winner – Khara!

Meet Tickled Pink Tots!  This is a mom run online boutique based out of Iowa and this site has a little of everything that we love!  They have been around just a few years and are always expanding!  I just took a peek at what is listed on the site right now and of course I found a lot to love!

For the girls: top baby boutique brands including Giggle Moon, Kaiya Eve, BebemondeOoh! La, La! Couture,Belle Ame, Jamie Rae Hats, Huggalugs, Stella Industries, Baby Jar, and many more.

Giggle Moon Seashore Drop Waist SetGiggle Moon Abby Gigi Set with RufflesHuggalugs-Lacettes Leg Warmers-Large

And for the boys:  Monster Republic, Bees & Dragons, Mini Shatsu, Mish Mish, Wes & Willy, Goldrush Outfitters… just to name a few!  The prices in the boys sale section are great too!  I am a sucker for all things Monster Republic and Mini Shatsu for sure!

Monster Republic Full-Zip Mohawk HoodieMonster Republic Wolf Plaid ShirtMini Shatsu Underground DJ Platinum

You also won’t wank to miss some awesome photo props and accessories!

Red Satin Rosette HairbowThe Kate Princess Feather DressClassic Fluffy Feather Rosette Dress

And if you don’t have your holiday items yet! Well, they are on sale and you have a promo code.  The rest is just shopping history!

Meshin' Around Dress by BebemondeRosette & Rhinestone Headband in Red-PREORDEROver the Top Christmas Bow Headband

Want to know more about Tickled Pink Tots?  Well here is the scoop – straight from them!
At Tickled Pink Tots we feel it is our duty to provide moms, dads, aunts, uncles, and grandparents alike with the most up-to-the-minute baby & toddler fashions that are guaranteed to make your little one stand out in a crowd. We carry only unique, beautiful, detailed, high-quality baby & toddler clothing and accessories made from only the finest materials and constructed with precise, intricate detailing. Our designs are at the forefront of the fashion world and provide tots the opportunity to wear clothing that makes a statement. We sell boutique baby clothing (0-24 months), toddler girl clothing (2T-4T),toddler boy clothes (2T-4T), baby accessories, including plush baby blanketsunique hair accessories (including feather flowers, unique headbands and bling hair bows and bling hair flowers), trendy leg warmers, and much much more!
I really love the Giggle Moon line for the girls!  Abby has an outfit from this designers and it is great quality too!   I love how in their FAQ section they give a little run down on brand sizing too!


NDND readers have access to an exclusive 25% off code!  Use NEWDAY25 now through Friday!  NOTE:  *some speciaty order items are excluded.  If your code doesn’t work then it is probably excluded!


Tickled Pink Tots is always giving away a $30 gift certificate to one lucky NDND reader.

This giveaway is open to US  residents only.  Just click below and enter via the Rafflecopter widget.  Each ‘I Did It’ is one entry.  Feel free to do just the mandatory one or all.   This is a newer way to hold giveaways and makes it much easier on me and you.  If you are running into problems please shoot me an email at and I can help you out.

Then click here and enter my other great giveaways!


TFD: Vann & Liv Giveaway!!

Congrats to Molly!!

One of the perks of doing what I do is getting to know some of the moms and boutiques that I buy from online.   While I am not in the stores and shopping main street, I am buying from moms who work at home and really really appreciate my business!  So, I love introducing you to them too!

So, today meet Vann & Liv!  I first stumbled upon this site over the summer where I scored an awesome deal on a Persnickety Maggie dress!  This online boutique is run by three  sisters Kristina, Stephe, and Jenny.  They grew up paying in their own mom’s closet and each gravitated to their own style!  Now that they have daughters of their own they are enjoying creating new memories with them  They started this boutique with the little trendsetter in mind and strive to continue to find clothing that is full of life and made with love.  Their goal is  to celebrate the little details, bright colors and bold prints, their boutique is filled with beautiful things that are easy to have fun in.  And of course some of my favorite designers for my little trendsetters!   At you will find all of the best boutique lines such as Persnickety, Pears & Bears, A laModish, Kicky Pants, Anthem of the Ants, Bobinette, Belle Parish, Little Pea, Mali Kids.


Ahh… just looking at all of those names makes me happy!  They carry babies items up through 14 in some styles.  What I love about this site is while YES they do carry my favorite Persnickety most of the other brands are not at a million other boutiques too.  I can personally vouch for well over half of these designers and they are all top notch!

These are some of my favorite styles:


Kicky Pants Cords and Lion/Tiger Polo


Vintage Child Modern ::SWOON::


Busy Bees Camp Shirt – only $13.50 too!


Winter Water Factory


Dear Persnickety, I love you! – Sarah


Anthem of the Ants is to die for!


Mali Kids ruffled Shirt Dress!


Someone NEEDS this Mali Kids Yoke dress for under $18!

So, do I have your attention yet?  You will LOVE this site and a little birdie may have told me that there will be a nice sale in the upcoming months too.  So, I highly recommend signing up for their email list so that you get first dibs.  This is how I stay up to date on sales and it is great!  I think that the deal sites have scared us into signing up for emails but boutiques are great.  They only email you every so often (like once a month for some) and it is always when there is something fun going down!

AND right now you can use code FREESHIP for free shipping on your orders through 12/21!  Visit now to shop!


So who wants to win a $75 gift certificate to Vann & Liv? One lucky NDND reader will!  This giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents BUT Vann and Liv only ships within the USA!  Just click below and enter via the Rafflecopter widget.  Each ‘I Did It’ is one entry.  Feel free to do just the mandatory one or all.   This is a newer way to hold giveaways and makes it much easier on me and you.  If you are running into problems please shoot me an email at and I can help you out.

Then click here and enter my other great giveaways!


TFD: MaBelle Mademoiselle – Giveaway!

Congrats to our winner – Kristen H.


NDND reader Katya shared this great Etsy shop with me and talked her into a giveaway!  Katya has bought from her many times before so she took care of this writeup for me! Thanks Katya! – Sarah

Meet Ma Belle Mademoiselle

I first saw Elena Ebenhack’s creations when visiting my favorite photo studio with my daughter for her Valentine’s Day pictures.  My photographer had these amazing hats that she used as photo props for my infant and I just fell in love!  I could not believe the hats were hand made by an amazing local designer.  Since than I became friends and one of the many customers of Elena.

Elena started making her hats soon after her daughter Ksenia was born.  She realized that fashion market was lacking beautiful, yet comfortable girls accessories, and started designing them.  It didn’t take long for orders to start coming in.  Every hat that Elena designs is unique and totally custom made. You will never see anyone else wearing the same accessory.  Elena is inspired by everything, including nature, vintage photos, music, etc. Her biggest row models are Coco Chanel and Liubovi Orlova.
Check out how cute these are!!
So, what’s the process of ordering one of these beauties? Elena has an Etsy shop, which is called Ma Belle Mademoiselle.
She is very available and great to communicate with. When I ordered my daughter’s first hat I told her the color, the model and the size and she pretty much came up with a design made specifically for my Kaya. You can also choose from many existing designs that Elena has created and choose your favorite colors. The hat will take approximately 2-3 weeks to create, but oh boy, is it worth the wait!


So who wants to win one?One lucky NDND reader will win a handmade hat from Ma Bella Mademoiselle valued at $50-$80!  Please note that you will not be able to select the design but Elena will make you something perfect for your little one!   This giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents only!  Just click below and enter via the Rafflecopter widget.  Each ‘I Did It’ is one entry.  Feel free to do just the mandatory one or all.   This is a newer way to hold giveaways and makes it much easier on me and you.  If you are running into problems please shoot me an email at and I can help you out.

Then click here and enter my other great giveaways!


Giveaway: Let’s Spread the Love with Matilda Jane

Congrats to Traci H Walker!  You get to make 3 little girls super happy this year!

There is nothing better than trying to create a few smiles

just for the sake of knowing you made someone happy!

I am thrilled to be a part of Matilda Jane’s Spread the Love campaign this year!  If you follow NDND and you know that we have been bitten by the Matilda Jane bug!   And I love them even more after hearing about this effort to put smiles on the faces of little girls everywhere this holiday season!  If you don’t know about Matilda Jane feel free to click here and ready my 411 on Matilda Jane post from last month!



One lucky NDND reader will receive THREE dresses* from Matilda Jane.  You will pick the one that fits your daughter best and then will be asked to give the remaining 2 to a girl in need or who deserves it!  Entering is easy and will be done via the Rafflecopter widget below.  Make sure to read the ‘Click for Instructions’ section on each entry method.   If you are running into problems please shoot me an email at and I can help you out.

Basically you get two main entries (1) Following NewDayNewDeals on Facebook and (2) Subscribing to Matilda Jane’s newsletter.  Also, to really encourage you to Share the Love you can get one more entry per day by sharing what you did that day that was kind to another.  It can be anything from opening the door for someone to adopting a family for the holidays.  Being kind is contagious!  Please note that you must enter through the rafflecopter widget in addition to commenting (both are needed as it is only fair).    The widget will reset each 24 hours and let you get that entry again but only if you did something kind that day!

*NOTE: The 3 dresses and sizes that you receive will be random and we can not take requests nor can these be returned or exchanged.


TFD: 40% off at Bella Daniella

From Bella Daniella:

We are happy to announce Bella Daniella’s extraordinary Black Friday Event, our best of the year + FREE Shipping for orders over $50! We hope you enjoy these savings and remember they end on November 30th or while supplies last! Happy Holidays from Bella Daniella!!!
40% Off Instant Savings Promo Code BD934687

Abby in Bella Daniella

TFD: BabySteps

So, as you know I have had a LOT of family visiting this week and of course I am so happy to have them here but man, it seems like everyone always has an opinion!  I have heard ‘ For your consideration’ and ‘I really suggest you..’ over and over again this week and it is so overwhelming.  While I really appreciate the caring and thoughtfulness behind these pointers sometime I just want to figure it out on my own!  Part of the fun of being a parent it that you get to determine how you want to do things!  I am a bit of a control freak and doing my own research is important to be because it allows me to know exactly why I do something.  While pointers from family are nice, I don’t always know that their methods are what will work best for me and my family!  So, this feature is very timely! I want to tell you about Wal-Mart’s new Baby Steps program.

Babysteps is a collaboration between Wal-Mart, Enfamil and Huggies and is intended to be a place where a mom can easily find resources that cater to her children’s exact needs!

You start out by selecting either CHANGING or FEEDING.  Then you filter based on your child’s weight and age to pull up a set of buttons corresponding to content specific to your needs! 

Here you can watch quick and informative videos that cover all kinds of tips and tricks!  Content features:
• Baby Potty Basics
• When to Call the Doc
• Changing a Diaper
• Diaper Challenges
• Diaper Essentials
• Potty Training
• Good Nutrition
• Formula Feeding
• Bottle Basics
• Solid Food

You can then get baby product information and purchase supplies conveniently online at

So, visit the Baby Steps section today and see what you can learn!

This post was sponsored by Baby Steps and facilitated by Lunch Box.

TFD: baby eggi review

You guys have asked me numerous times if I ‘knew anything’ about baby eggi.  Each time they show up online I have to hang my head and say that I don’t know!  But of course, you  asked, I listened, baby eggi obliged and the rest is history.  So, here is the scoop on baby eggi!

The Background

baby eggi believes in living each day with grace, integrity, and style.  They provide sophisticated and comfortable children’s clothing that even adults will even envy.    Their mission is to give back and give back they do!  Through the Good Eggi program, customers select a partnering non-profit organization to support through their on-line Eggi purchase.  The program allows baby eggi’s customers to actively participate in donating 20% of our net proceeds to charity.  And in the retail apparel world 20% is a LOT off the top to donate.   Awesome baby eggi!

The Clothes

This line has gotten some killer press since it launched in 2007.  A lot of mini celebs have been spotted wearing it and tons of magazines are raving.  Click here to check it out!  So why do the Jolie-Pitts, Sarah Jessica Parker, The Beckhams, Tori Spelling and a slew of others love this brand?  Two words – stylish and soft.

Check it out!

Every single piece in this line is made with comfort in mind.  The stylish part… well, that is just icing on the cake!  baby eggi carries both boys apparel and girls apparel and also has a super stocked sale section too!

So, Abby was sent a couple of samples to review a couple of weeks ago. 

We received the Drape pants which at first struck me as a little business on the left, party on the right with the asymmetrical pleats but once we got them on Abby loved them and they were cute!  We also tried the Bias Top and again it was super super soft.  Abby was seriously very comfortable and actually keeps asking for the pants! Too cute!

So, I asked Abby to model this outfit for me and this is basically how it went down. LOL.

Ha, so needless to say she felt completely comfortable in this outfit!  The fabric was super soft and great quality from seem to seem!  This line is proof that things doing always have to be over the top to get noticed.  Each piece is the perfect blend of timeless and modern.   I would recommend trying out a piece or two yourself!

Here are a few other styles that I love from baby eggi.

Where to Buy

You can shop baby eggi directly on their site which is the best way to ensure that you help them give back.  Or you can visit one of many retailers that carry this super soft line.

TFD: Backyard Baby Review + Giveaway


Congrats to our winner -> Diannah!

Back Yard Baby

Here at the Blevins house we are in full holiday mode as we approach Thanksgiving with a house full of guests!  To help get into the spirit my kids are wearing their personalized Thanksgiving shirts from Back Yard Baby!  I bought these shirts with a voucher that I got off of Jasmere a while back and they are too cute. 

So, I loved how these turned out so I reached out to Back Yard Baby and they agreed to giveaway a personalized shirt to one of my readers!  You can enter below but first let me share a little bit about this site!

This line was created by Winslett Watson.  She has a vision to create something that combined what she has loved throughout her life —art, design, play clothes, and kids!  She came up with Back Yard Baby®, play clothes that look cute and play hard!  At you can browse her original designs and create the perfect shirt/dress for your little one.  My shirts were made for Thanksgiving but at Back Yard Baby you can actually choose from a lot of  designs.  Celebrate with custom birthday shirts, holidays or just something simple  that reminds you of a cute moment or funny story in your child’s life—a favorite animal, football, princess stuff, bugs, trucks, popsicles. Then you simply add your child’s name, and watch the smiles as your child creates even more special moments in your very own Back Yard Baby®!

The process is so simple and you really have a lot of options!  First, you pick the perfect design.  Then you customize your design with your own personal touch.  Then you pick what you want it printed on!


There are hundreds of designs to choose from at Back Yard Baby!  Here are some of my favorites!


Once you pick the perfect design you have a wide selection of 100% cotton shirts, dresses, sleep sacks, towels, pillowcases and more to have it printed on!


I can think of several super cute shirts to make but if you are stuck looking for an idea you can browse the gallery for inspiration.  Winslett also keeps up with a blog that showcases Back Yard Babies in real life and also some great design ideas too!

So, Happy Thanksgiving!  Who wants to win a free personalized item from Back Yard Baby?


One lucky NDND reader will win a personalized shirt from Back Yard Baby.   This giveaway is open to US residents only!  Just click below and enter via the Rafflecopter widget.  Each ‘I Did It’ is one entry.  Feel free to do just the mandatory one or all.   This is a newer way to hold giveaways and makes it much easier on me and you.  If you are running into problems please shoot me an email at and I can help you out.

Then click here and enter my other great giveaways! 



TFD: Sage Spoonful Review + Giveaway

Today I am so pleased to introduce you to Sage Spoonfuls!  This new line is simply awesome and honestly made it so easy for me to make Jake his own food! 

The Background

Sage Spoonfuls believes that as parents we are responsible for  laying a strong foundation for a lifetime of healthy food choices.  Feeding them homemade organic baby food is a GREAT start towards a lifetime of healthy eating.  I have always wanted to make my own baby food but to be honest it was a little intimidating to me and I didn’t feel like I had the time.  When I was learning about this program I saw that they said that‘you do not need to be a chef, have a lot of  free time or a kitchen full of fancy equipment to make and store your own baby food—in fact you’ll be shocked at how easy it is with the Sage Spoonfuls system.  By spending just 1 hour every 2 weeks, you can have a freezer stocked with healthy and delicious baby food, made from safe, natural ingredients. Instead of going to the store to buy baby food, you can simply “go shopping” in your freezer!’.    This program was created by Liza Huber whom you may remember from Passions and as the daughter of Susan Lucci.  But she is a big celeb in her own right and in addition to starting Sage Spoonful she is also an Ambassador Mom for March of Dimes and works hard to help awareness about premature birth.  She is a stay at home mom to three adorable children and has seen the enormous benefits that homemade baby food has hard for her children.  The started Sage Spoonfuls to help provide moms with one easy, portable set that provides everything that you need for making your own baby food.  And in my opinion she nailed it because this is so easy to use!

Our entire line in one convenient package

The System

The Sage Spoonfuls system includes everything that you will need to make homemade baby food for your precious little one!   Liza’s beautiful book, Sage Spoonfuls-Simple Recipes, Healthy Meals, Happy Babies is such a wonderful resource.  This book is so simply written and includes everything you need to know about introducing and starting your baby on solids as well as age-specific and family recipes.   Sage Spoonfuls also includes a user-friendly immersion blender with food processor, 4 oz baby food storage jars, stackable trays, labels, a handy pocket guide and depending on the set that you choose you can also get an insulated cooler bag with a reusable freezer pack and a large multipurpose, insulated tote.   These products are made in the USA and of course  non toxic and BPA free! and made of non-toxic materials. 

My Experience

So, I have mentioned that I really enjoyed this easy to use system!  Here is how it all went down at my house!

We received our ‘Let’s Get Started Package’  last week.  At $89.99 this is a steal in my opinion!

 So, I flipped through Liza’s book and decided that I was going to do Apples and Sweet Potatoes for this initial batch.  I loved that her book really was a super easy to follow manual in addition to being a cookbook.  It covered everything from the Dirty Dozen foods that you should always buy organic to step by step instructions and suggestions for each basic ingredient (ie. Apple, Banana…).  It doesn’t just list recipes.  It provides inspiration for new combos.  I also found that my following Sage Spoonfuls on Facebook you have access to even more fun ideas!  As Liza tests to recipes on her daughter Hayden she always passes them along to others via her blog too!

So, I followed the instructions and got my Honey Crisp apples and Sweet Potatoes peeled, shopped and steamed.

After the I used the food processor to puree the apples and as recommend in the book I simply smashed the Sweet Potatoes with the back of a fork.


I ended up making straight apples, apples with cinnamon, sweet potatoes, sweet potatoes with cinnamon and an apple + sweet potato blend!

I then just screwed the lid on each and wrote out the labels.  These labels are easily removable and are one of the keys in making sure that you rotate out the food correctly.  I then put one tray in the freezer and one in the fridge.  These stackable trays are awesome because you don’t have to worry about it being a totally flat surface like you would ice cube trays and you can easily pull out one or two from the freezer and stick them into the fridge tray to defrost. 

We also pulled out one apple/sweet potato blend for Jake to try and he LOVED it!!


So, honestly I am in love with this system.  I am so so so busy and would love to make baby food for Jake but was worried that I wouldn’t have the time.  This was so easy and I really love how the system has everything that I need.  I know that you can go out and buy a food processor or snag a cookbook somewhere but for me this package deal was key.  It took me 30 minutes to create 12 meals and it was really easy and fun! I am basically  obsessed with how easy those trays and cups make it to keep the food organized and properly rotated.  I would recommend this to anyone and also think that it would make a GREAT baby shower gift!  Kudos to Liza Huber for making this so easy.

How to Buy

There are several packages available via the Sage Spoonfuls website.  You can go all out and get the Homemade Lifestyle Package for $160 or the Lets Get Started package for only $89.99.  These are also a couple other options and you can busy each piece separately.  Even if you choose not to purchase the whole kit I really really recommend the Sage Spoonfuls storage system.  To be honest when we moved I found a couple zip lock bags in the back of our freezer of baby food that I attempted to make for Abby.  By using this storage system you avoid that and easily can rotate food in and out of the refrigerator and freezer! 


You have a chance to win this “Let’s Get Started” system!  The giveaway is featured as part of my Thanksgiving blog hop and you can click here to enter!  But hurry because it ends on Thanksgiving!

TFD: Operation Smile

As the holiday season is upon us I want to take some time over the next few week to focus on some companies that are giving back and working for the greater good!  Today I want to share Operation Smile with you!  Operation Smile is an international children’s medical charity that heals children’s smiles, forever changing their lives.  Many children find their confidence hindered when they are born with facial deformities such as cleft lip and cleft palate.  In many cases their families are not financially equipped to pay for surgeries to correct this.  The symptoms of these conditions are not just superficial.  These children are often unable to eat, speak, socialize or smile.  One child is born every 3 minutes with a cleft.

I love that Operation Smile is making a difference.  This isn’t just a simple non profit group.  This is a complex operation and forced headed up by medical professionals and caring hearts.  They are on the group and helping these children!  Since 1982 this group of volunteers has helped provide over 200,000 free surgeries for these kids!  They have reached into over 60 countries and are healing smiles for so many!  Click here to see living proof!

There are many ways for you to help this cause.  Click here to donate or for more information.
Other corporations are reaching out too! I was super impressed to see what is doing!  They have teamed up with Operation Smile for their 2011 Making A Difference Campaign!  They are donating a minimum of 1,000 of these life changing surgeries and hope to do way more!  For every single text book rented they will donate a portion back to Operation Smile!  Kudos to them for helping to make a difference in the life of these kids!
If you or your child has a need for renting text books I really encourage you to choose and help them give back!  Renting these books is SO MUCH more affordable then buying them!  Seriously,  renting textbooks saves you money plain and simple and gets the same result in your classes as buying your books.  It is way easier too because you can do it online!!   Buy renting  new or gently used textbooks you pay  less than half the price that you would have paid in a school bookstore.   Search for the college books you need and save money today!

TFD: Beauty Mint Review


Today’s Fresh Deal features a little something for mom!  I want to share my experience with Beauty Mint with you all! 


 Celebrity skin care expert Nerida Joy and Jessica Simpson have teamed up to create a personalized, monthly skin care system that will feature exclusive beauty products.  This line launched just last month at and has taken off!   

BeautyMint members will start off by taking Nerida’s online Skin Care Consultation to identify their skin type and concerns so BeautyMint can personalize the right system to each member’s needs.   You answer a series of 18 short and easy to follow questions about your skin ranging from your skin’s qualities, your goals and your lifestyle.  These are very easy to answer and the defining factor in creating a program that is just perfect for YOU! 

So basically this is how it works!

The Products

The line features products ranging from an Ultra Replenishing Serum to an Ultimate Eye Treatment — each formula inviting you to experience luxuriously effective skin care.   When you join BeautyMint you will always have the best skin care advice resources and tips right at your fingertips plus a custom-tailored system recommendation from celebrity skin care specialist Nerida Joy.  You also get this program delivered right to your doorstep which is great because with little ones running around it is near impossible to leave the house!  It is not just convenient.  People are raving about the results!

BeautyMint Consumer Study Pie Chart

The Review

I received the Essential Cleanser with Aloe and the Ultra Replenishing Serum a few weeks back.  I wanted to take ample time to test of the products and I am super happy with the results.  The cleanser is for both AM and PM and left my face oil free.  I don’t wear a lot of make up but it had no problem taking it off!   I really liked the Ultra Replenishing Serum a LOT!  It contains Marine Collagen and left my skin feeling a little tighter.  I can say that I have noticed a move even texture to my skin and it is super soft.  If the rest of the program is as spot on as these two then you and your skin are in for a treat!

How to Get Started

All you need to do is visit and take the free consultation.  Give it a whirl.  There are a lot of success stories already!  Also, feel free to check them out on Facebook too!

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